Jan 31, 2023

Ms. Pattarat Hongtong, Ambassador of Thailand to India said that Thailand as a Chair of the ANDC in the year 2022 organized a series of events to introduce art & culture of ASEAN. “And the ASEAN – INDIA Bazaar, which was organized by ASEAN New Delhi Committee (ANDC) in collaboration with the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi on Saturday in the premises of Royal Thai Embassy in New Delhi, 14th January 2023 was the last event in that series in our capacity as ANDC Chair. We would hand over the Chair to Vietnam in 2023 to take it further,” the Ambassador added.


The ASEAN – INDIA Bazaar witnessed huge participation of the people from all ASEAM member states as well as Indians who enjoyed a wide variety of food and also got to know about each other’s culture. The countries like Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Brunei, Philippines, Singapore, Myanmar, and India (Ministry of Tribal Affairs) set up their stalls at the Thailand embassy premises to showcase their products as well as elaborate variety of food and beverages.

Marked with several high-level visits followed by a high-level dialogue framework, this year 2022, embarked as ‘ASEAN-India Friendship Year’, commemorating the 30th Anniversary of their ASEAN-India Dialogue relations.

The significant surge in ties can also be attributed to increased commodity trade between India and the ASEAN region, which stands around 98.39 billion in the period April 2021- February 2022. India’s main trading ties are with Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand ie, 5 out of the 10 ASEAN member states (>$10b).

Source: Asian Community News Network

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