Board of Governors

Indronil Sengupta
Mr. Indronil Sengupta is the Co-founder & CEO of Invesify Company and has been contributing to InCham.
Vaibhav Saxena
Vice Chairman
Mr. Vaibhav Saxena is a well-known leading foreign lawyer and running second term as the Vice Chairman of InCham Hanoi. He is also associated with the Vietnam International Law Firm (VILAF), top tier and first business law firms to have been formed in Vietnam after 1975. He has more than 60 global publications to his credit and has held positions of General Secretary as well as Executive Director at INCHAM, Hanoi. Mr. Saxena has shown great support by contributing to elevate India-Vietnam bilateral relations and enhancing political-strategic ties between India and other nations along with engaging in numerous activities of the Chamber over the years.
Rajeev Garg
General Secretary
Mr. Rajeev Garg is the Managing Director of Net Vision Vietnam Co., Ltd (VIZEN). Since the very beginning of InCham Hanoi, he has taken charge of many important positions, such as Chairman (2004-2006), (2008-2009); (2016-2017) and Member of InCham's Board of Governors.
Nilesh Banglorewala
Mr. Nilesh Banglorewala is the Chief Finance Officer of MSB Bank and has been contributing to InCham.
Gaurav Sharma
Board Member
Mr. Gaurav Sharma is the CEO of BIDV-Metlife and has been contributing to InCham.
Prabhjyot Sharma
Board Member
Mrs. Prabhjyot Sharma is Head of Procurement & Supply Chain at Fushan Technology (Nokia branded business) with international experience in global strategy & operation management. At Fushan Technology Vietnam, she is leading the SRM strategy & execution for Nokia’s portfolio. She has been contributing to Incham from 2019.
Shivanshu Kumar
Board Member
Mr. Shivanshu Kumar is the CEO of IV International Co. Ltd and has been contributing to InCham.
Mohit Agarwal
Board Member
Mr. Mohit Agarwal is the Quality Manager of ASMARA INTERNATIONALS LTD and has been contributing to InCham.
Saurabh Mathur
Board Member
Mr. Saurabh Mathur is the CEO of Halcom JSC and has been contributing to InCham.
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