Oct 07, 2021
This Code provides for maritime shipping activities, covering seagoing vessels, crew, seaports, marine navigable channels, ocean shipping, marine navigation safety, marine navigation security, prevention of environmental pollution and other activities related to the use of seagoing vessels for economic, cultural, social, sport, public service and scientific research purposes.

CIVIL CODE: The Law No. 91/2015/QH13
Oct 06, 2021
The Civil Code provides the legal status, legal standards for the conduct of natural and juridical persons; the rights and obligations of natural and juridical person (hereinafter referred to as persons) regarding personal and property rights and obligations in relations established on the basis of equality, freedom of will, independence of property and self-responsibility (hereinafter referred to as civil relations).

Law on Foreign Trade Management Number: 05/2017/QH14
Oct 06, 2021
This Law prescribes measures to manage foreign trade and develop foreign trade activities; and settlement of disputes about application of foreign trade management measures.

Law on Investment: Number: 67/2014/QH13
Oct 06, 2021
This Law prescribes business investment activities in Vietnam and offshore business investment activities from Vietnam.