Event Details:
Organised by INCHAM

Organizer: INCHAM Hanoi

Date: 02/02/2024

Time: 04:30 PM

Venue: Daewoo Hotel Hanoi

event description:

On the 2nd of February, INCHAM Hanoi successfully organized the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The members joined in both online and offline forms.


At the meeting, INCHAM members listened to the activities report for the last half of year 2024 and the action plan for the first half of 2024. Many valuable recommendations and suggestions were also shared by the members to improve the capability of INCHAM in connecting and helping member businesses to operate in Vietnam.


INCHAM Hanoi has always been working to be representative of all Indian businesses in Vietnam and without the participation and cooperation from all of the members, we would never archive that. We would like to send the most sincere thanks to all of our valued members!!


For more pictures of the event, please follow this link.


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