Jun 23, 2024

Indian firms want to promote wedding tourism in Vietnam because of its natural wonders and amazing landscapes.


An Indian wedding in Hạ Long Bay. — Photo courtesy of


Consul General of India Madan Mohan Sethi has said that tourism acts as a conduit linking the peoples of both nations.


The mutual understanding and respect for each other’s cultures and traditions will inevitably yield economic benefits, the consul general said at the Việt Nam-India tourism collaboration event held early this week in HCM City.


He affirmed that given the evolving geopolitical landscape, Việt Nam and India view one another as long-term partners.


Therefore, India is glad to welcome Vietnamese travel firms for the purpose of tourism promotion.


During the event, which centered on the business networking activity between the two nations, delegates from 25 Vietnamese travel enterprises had the chance to engage in conversations with 25 Indian tourism companies, establishing the groundwork for long-term collaborative partnerships.


Shakti Singh Kavia, a co-founder of Travel Recipes, said his visit to Việt Nam had the aim of exploring avenues to develop wedding-related tourism, a trend that has gained traction in India over the past decade.


With Indians increasingly seeking destination weddings in foreign countries, Việt Nam presents itself as a potential choice for such occasions, according to Kavia.


As per Kavia’s evaluation, Việt Nam holds a competitive pricing edge.


He asserted that the expenses for a wedding tour in Việt Nam could potentially be lower than those incurred for a similar event in India.


In addition, Việt Nam’s appeal lies in its numerous picturesque locations.


Việt Nam’s natural wonders and amazing landscapes in Hạ Long Bay, Phú Quốc Island, Nha Trang Beach City and in Đà Nẵng City have become a glorious backdrop for several Indian weddings since the beginning of the year.


High-end resorts and luxury cruises in these popular destinations have carried out many Indian weddings with an average of 400-700 guests, who often stay in the country for up to a week.


Sunil Gupta, from Super Travel Company, regarded the concept of merging tourism with weddings as a promising prospect for Việt Nam.


Gupta pointed out that Indians spend substantially on weddings, which hold utmost significance in Indian culture.


When celebrations are hosted at distant locations, numerous family members, relatives, and friends accompany the couple.


Groups of up to 400 individuals often travel together exclusively for the wedding.


Elaborating on the notable surge in Indian tourists visiting Việt Nam in recent times, Sanjay Kaushik, director of Rajputana Tour and Travels Company, said in India there is a crowd effect where people tend to follow each other’s choices.


There was a period when people were enamored with visiting Singapore, then Thailand, followed by Malaysia.


Starting from 2022, there has been a rising trend in people opting for Việt Nam.


Kaushik also recommended that the country should enhance its tourism promotion efforts in India, particularly through organising roadshows in major cities.


He highlighted that destinations like Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Australia have successfully drawn significant tourist attention using this approach.


Sanjeev Tulsian, chairman of India Holiday Options, held Việt Nam in high regard based on his own personal experience.


Prior to his visit to Việt Nam, he had a perception of it being a developing nation.


However, now that he was in Việt Nam, he could liken the country to Singapore.


The positive experience has motivated him to better persuade his travel customers to opt for Việt Nam.


Since the start of 2023, Tulsian’s company has brought over 100 Indian tourists to Việt Nam, averaging around four to five trips per month.


Việt Nam welcomed 5.6 million foreign tourists, including 141,000 Indian arrivals, in the first half of this year, according to the national radio station Voice of Vietnam (VOV). —  VNS


Source: Vietnamnet



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