Event Details:
Supported Event

Organizer: The Art of Living

Date: 21/03/2024

Time: 06:30 PM

Venue: Hanoi

event description:

On March 21, Soulful Symphony - An Evening of Culture, Music, Wisdom and Meditation - was successfully organized by The Art of Living with the support of INCHAM Hanoi. The event was led by world-famous Indian humanitarian activist and yoga teacher - Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, attracting nearly 1,000 attendees. The esteemed gathering included Indian Ambassador to Vietnam - H.E. Sandeep Arya and spouse, Representatives of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha.


Attendees were treated to unique cultural performances from both Vietnam and India. Amidst the vibrant displays, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar shared profound insights about breath-based meditation techniques for health and well-being. A highlight of the evening was the opportunity for participants to immerse themselves in the practice of meditation under the guidance of Master Gurudev.


This event provided a platform for attendees to explore diverse emotions, gain cultural understanding, and embrace the principles of a healthy lifestyle. This not only offered a glimpse into Indian tradition and belief but also served as a bridge fostering people-to-people connections between the two nations.


Within the framework of the event, the INCHAM Board of Governors (BOG) and our generous sponsors had the privilege of a private session with Master Gurudev. We were deeply grateful for the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations with the Master. His words of wisdom resonated with all of us, leaving a lasting impact.

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