Dec 03, 2023
The SWISH FABRIC CO. is situated in Surat,Gujarat,India which is known as the textile hub of India. Surat is known for its quality processing on each and every kind of fabric and all over India fabric is supplied from here.    
THE SWISH FABRIC CO. is involved in manufacturing, dyeing, printing and coatings of Cotton, Polyester and Knitted fabrics. We have our own processing units in Surat itself and we can do all types of customisations as per client's requirement and specifications. We believe in providing quality and satisfaction to our customers and I assure you for the same. 
Please let me know if you have anything specific and we can do the working on it accordingly.
I hope that we can do business together in the long run. 
Contact detail:
Keshav Bharatia
Owner- The Swish Fabric Co. 
(contact - +917405424773)

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