Event Details:
Supported Event

Organizer: VINASA

Date: 29/11/2023

Time: 03:00 PM


event description:

On November 29-30, the Vietnam-Asia Smart City Summit 2023 was held in Hanoi, organized by the Hanoi Department of Information and Communications in collaboration with the Vietnam Software & IT Services Association (VINASA). The event aimed to promote the creation and growth of sustainable smart cities in Vietnam, and to recognize and incentivize provinces, cities, real estate and industrial property developers, and technology companies that offer solutions to enhance the smart solutions and convenience of urban areas. The summit was themed “Data Mining - Building Smart Cities for Sustainable Development” and brought together experts, regional city leaders, and representatives from various provinces and cities in Vietnam.


Mr. Kapil Chaudhery, Director of Spatial Decision Vietnam, represented INCHAM at the summit. He gave a speech on “Experience and practical lessons in urban planning for smart city” and joined the panel discussion on “Building a smart, connected and developed city – Vision of leaders”.