Event Details:
Organised by INCHAM

Organizer: INCHAM Hanoi

Date: 10/12/2022

Time: 10:00 AM

Venue: Birla Children's Village

event description:

Today, on the 10th of December, at Birla Children’s Village Hanoi, the Indian Business Chamber in Hanoi (INCHAM Hanoi) has successfully organized the opening ceremony of the Digital Lab for all the children in the village with support from the India in Vietnam (Embassy of India, Hanoi).

Giving the opening speech at the ceremony, Mr. Harish Taparia, INCHAM Hanoi Chairman said that for over a decade, INCHAM has been organizing annual donations to support the children at Birla Village with food and daily utilities. However, after the critical period of the extended lockdown of Covid-19, children desperately need computers for studying online. For this reason, INCHAM decided to install INCHAM Digital Lab at Birla Children’s Village, which will be equipped with 25 computers and 3 printers. This is the first step of our long-term plan to provide computers and other equipment for children to use for their study purpose. Up to now, with the support of Indian businesses in Hanoi, we have installed 13 computers, 02 printers and there will be more in the next 2 years.

Ambassador, H.E. Sandeep Arya expressed his support and appreciation for INCHAM’s initiative of providing the children with study facilities. 2022 marks 50 years of bilateral relationship between Vietnam and India, and initiatives such as the one INCHAM is implementing at Birla are evidence of the solidarity and friendship of people between the two countries. His Excellency found the Digital Lab is a practical idea and hopes it would be operated effectively, giving the children the opportunity to study and have a bright future.

On behalf of the Birla Children’s Village, Ms. Trinh Thanh Huyen - Director of the Village expressed her gratitude for the support from the Indian Business Chamber in Hanoi in the past decade. This has been a great encouragement to all officers and children in the village to move forward. On the launching of the Digital Lab, Ms. Huyen, on the behalf of Birla Children’s Village, promised to get the Lab operated effectively, on purpose and practical, create the opportunity for the children who are being taken care of here to have the conditions to grow up, both in physical and mental.