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Organizer: Ministry of Information and Communication

Date: 23/02/2023 to 23/03/2023

Time: 08:22 AM


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The Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) held a conference entitled ‘Vietnamese digital companies going global’ in Hanoi on February 23. INCHAM Head of Digital Economy Working Group - Mr. Ravi Vajpeyi - attended and gave a speech at the conference.


Themed ‘Global digital cooperation – Trusted partner in building the digital world’, the event attracted the participation of MIC leaders, technology enterprises and associations, representatives of embassies, international consulting organizations, and foreign trade promotion agencies in Vietnam.

Addressing the conference, MIC Deputy Minister Phan Tam quoted the statistics from the International Telecommunication Union, which showed that an estimated 49% of the world's population – or nearly 4 billion people – have not connected to the Internet yet.


He stressed that this is an opportunity for Vietnamese digital enterprises to expand their markets and bring their technology to solve digital transformation problems in other countries, thus contributing to the building of a digital world.


Mr. Ravi Vajpeyi - Head of the Digital Economy Working Group - INCHAM representative gave a speech on Global Digital Cooperation at the conference. The speech provided information about the IT sector and the digital economy in India and suggested some recommendations for Vietnamese companies that want to expand their business into India. For the complete presentation by Mr. Vajpeyi, please follow the link:


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