Event Details:
Supported Event

Organizer: INCHAM Hanoi

Date: 21/01/2020

Time: 07:00 AM

Venue: Sheraton Hotel

event description:

Indian Business Chamber (INCHAM) in Hanoi, the Embassy of India in association with the International Investment Promotion Alliance (INVEST-GLOBAL), Vietnam Association of Foreign Invested Enterprise (VAFIE) organized an India-Vietnam Seminar on Promotion of Trade and Investment in Pharmaceutical Sector on 21 January 2021. The event was supported by the Drug Administration of Vietnam and the Ministry of Health of Vietnam.


The seminar was organized to explore the emerging opportunities and exchange views and ideas on ways to promote bilateral engagement in the pharma sector by taking advantage of policies and incentives offered in India and Vietnam. The two panel discussions on the themes namely “Opportunities for Indian Investment in pharma sector in Vietnam” and “Trade facilitation for Indian pharma products in Vietnam” were held during the Seminar.


Views were expressed by the participants on the need for greater Indian investment in pharma sector in Vietnam as well as the need to enhance awareness in Vietnam about India’s strength as the leading manufacturer of pharmaceuticals. Representatives from Ministry of Finance as well as Ministry of Health provided details of incentives for investment in health sector, particularly high-tech projects, offered by Vietnam and upcoming new circulars that would further facilitate trade in pharmaceutical products for Vietnam.

The event was attended by about 180 people including representatives of Ministry of Finance, Drug Administration of Vietnam, Ministry of Health. Various representatives from Indian pharmaceutical companies based in Vietnam as well as Vietnamese companies also took part.

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