Invigorating investors with PPP draft
Oct 07, 2021
The Ministry of Planning and Investment has released the latest draft Law on Public-Private Partnerships in a move to make a fresh shift towards a specific and consolidated framework for bankable projects. Vaibhav Saxena and Nguyen Thi Phuong, lawyers at Vietnam International Law Firm, delve into how the new regulations in the draft law can make a positive impact on investors.

Nike and H&M to Vietnam: More renewables, please
Oct 07, 2021
29 global fashion brands say green energy will boost No. 3 textile exporter

Procedural restructuring a highlight of newest version of enterprise law
Oct 07, 2021
Vietnam’s new Law on Enterprises has a number of aspects which are expected to make strong positive impacts on businesses. Vaibhav Saxena from Vietnam International Law Firm analyses how the improvements will improve business activities.

Volatile prices put US$50b of gas projects in Asia at risk, report warns
Oct 07, 2021
Highly volatile prices will make LNG power plants more costly and unpredictable to operate in emerging economies such as Bangladesh, Pakistan and Vietnam, says an energy think tank. This bolsters the case for a pivot to renewables.

Mega-projects in need of getting a grip
Oct 06, 2021
Despite gaining licences years ago, a number of foreign-invested projects valued at billions of US dollars continue to lag behind schedule, with no solutions yet available for them to get out of the impasse.

New office and meeting room usage
Oct 06, 2021
Incham Hanoi will be offering meeting room to members to use at preferential rate for your any official work.

Vietnam to reduce FIT for rooftop solars
Oct 06, 2021
Vietnam’s Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) has proposed an almost 38% reduction on the feed-in-tariff for rooftop solar power projects, shedding light on Vietnam’s overcrowded solar power market.

[Member’s News] – Shortage of Indian IT talent in Vietnam while demand rising
Jun 15, 2021
In 2021, Vietnam needs 450,000 IT professionals, but the filled positions currently only reach about 430,000, according to TopDev’s Vietnam IT market report. This creates a huge gap between the demand and supply. Meanwhile, some businesses are facing difficulty recruiting Indian IT engineers because Covid-19 prevents travelling. Vaibhav Saxena, Chairman Vice of Indian Business Chamber in Vietnam shared some thoughts on the shortage and proposed solutions.