Feb 01, 2023
Saigon Jewelry Company gold price fell 0.44% to VND67.3 million ($2,869.93) per tael Wednesday morning after rising on the God of Wealth Day. PNJ of Phu Nhuan Jewelry sold its gold at VND54.5 million per tael, unchanged from Tuesday. A tael equals 37.5 grams or 1.2 ounces.

Jan 18, 2023
Vietnam has increasingly become a burgeoning industrial hub, especially for tech and apparel, wrote an article published by India’s on January 14.

Overview of new legal documents and some important tax policies during the Covid-19 pandemic
Oct 27, 2021
Update of tax legislations that have been issued during the recent Covid-19 pandemic, including: Government’s regulations to encourage businesses during Covid-19 situation; CIT and VAT regulations and guidelines during the Covid-19 pandemic; PIT related issues on expenses paid for employees during the Covid-19 pandemic; Other support policies.

Delving into specifics of amended business laws
Oct 07, 2021
Businesses and investors are expected to access new positive changes when the amended Law on Investment and the amended Law on Enterprises take effect from January 1 next year. Vaibhav Saxena and Le Tuan Anh, lawyers at Vietnam International Law Firm, delve into how vital modifications in the new laws can leverage investment inflows in the future.

Domestic lawyers taking over market
Oct 07, 2021
Vietnam’s lawyer arena is seeing new changes in the order of players, with legal consulting demands projected to increase further on the back of growing global integration from various free trade agreements – but international practitioners still continue to struggle to get to grips with the legal culture.

Invigorating investors with PPP draft
Oct 07, 2021
The Ministry of Planning and Investment has released the latest draft Law on Public-Private Partnerships in a move to make a fresh shift towards a specific and consolidated framework for bankable projects. Vaibhav Saxena and Nguyen Thi Phuong, lawyers at Vietnam International Law Firm, delve into how the new regulations in the draft law can make a positive impact on investors.

Nike and H&M to Vietnam: More renewables, please
Oct 07, 2021
29 global fashion brands say green energy will boost No. 3 textile exporter

Procedural restructuring a highlight of newest version of enterprise law
Oct 07, 2021
Vietnam’s new Law on Enterprises has a number of aspects which are expected to make strong positive impacts on businesses. Vaibhav Saxena from Vietnam International Law Firm analyses how the improvements will improve business activities.