[VBF]_Draft Decree guiding Environment Protection Law 2020_For your comments

Jun 03, 2023

As you might be aware, MONRE has recently issued the Draft Decree guiding the Law on Environment Protection 2020 for public comments. If you wish to raise any concern related to this Draft, please kindly send us by COB Wednesday, 4 August 2021 for our timely submission to the government.

Please be kindly noted:

  1. Your comments should follow the enclosed template and be made in Vietnamese (with rough translation of English).
  2. The Draft Decree (Draft 02) in Vietnamese is enclosed for your convenience. Since the document is quite long, VBF tends to select some important contents for English translation only.

Follow is the English translation of some important Chapters for your reference: VBF_Draft Decree guiding Env Protection Law 2020_ENG

  1. Chapter III: Environmental zoning, strategic environmental assessment, environmental impact assessment
  2. Chapter IV: Environmental licenses and environmental registration
  3. Chapter VI: Waste management
  4. Chapter VII: Responsibility for recycling and treatment of disposed products and packages of producers and importers
  5. Chapter XI: Economic instruments and resources for environmental protection – Section 2: Insurance on environmental damage compensation liability; incentives for and assistance in environmental protection

Thank you for your attention and we look forward to your feedback in due course.

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